5 Outfits I Wore This Week

I think my body is in shock from this 3 day diet I’ve been on. It is very strict for 3 days then off for 4. Not sure how it will go but I have definitely cut out the calories this week. Which for me means no sugar! Well, it does allow you to have 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream a night so a little sugar but my body is rebelling nonetheless. I have suffered with a headache the past two days from lack of coffee. You can have either black coffee or unsweetened tea as your only drink and I elected to drink tea. Black coffee… I don’t think so. So, the headache is an unfortunate side effect of that.

This regimen is intended to kick start a diet and I have to say other than the headache, I do feel better. Maybe it’s because I know I can eat normal for the next four days, lol! Extra tummy weight has been creeping up on me for the last few years (the lovely 50s) and I have gained an average of 10 lbs. per year so it’s time to try and fix that. Most of the clothes I wore last winter are tight and I find myself choosing looser and looser clothing. I’ll let you know next week after my next round how much I have lost.

I chose the last five outfits I wore for work to put on here today. Several items are still available and on sale. If you aren’t in the market to buy for yourself (it’s Christmas after all); then maybe I can offer up a few ideas to put an outfit together in a different way. It has been cold so I fell back on my faithful boots and jeans but these outfits can still look nice and professional.

Lux Sweater // Macy’s


Similar // Similar

Macy’s // Nordstrom

New Direction (2 colors)

Similar // Similar

Do y’all know about Kinsley Armelle Jewelry? It’s is a mixture of Kendra Scott druzy style with a little boho thrown in. I haven’t ordered anything yet but I’m loving browsing through their website.  Check it out here.

Kinsley Armelle

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