A Blazer + A Summer Tee A Stylish Outfit

Well, Monday rolls around again.  Even though I’m on summer vacation, the weekends fly by. We start back to school July 29 so I’m really feeling the pressure of accomplishing tasks before then.  Yep, you read it correctly; school begins for teachers here in July!  In my 27 years, this is the earliest we have gone back to school.

No big plans this week. My siblings and I have an annual workday at my mom’s once year to accomplish her yard work, pressure washing, painting and anything else she tells us to do, lol.  She is definitely the boss! Even though it is a hard, physical day of work; We five kiddos enjoy being together.

Day 2 of my three blazer days. My Kenneth Cole black blazer is years and years old. I’ve written about this before but I didn’t wear this piece for years because I felt it made my shoulders look too wide. I don’t know if I got used to the shoulder pad look or if I just got to the point of not caring.  Sometimes when we become comfortable in our own skin, we can go outside the box and wear things we wouldn’t wear years ago.

My watermelon top came from JCP last year and isn’t available now.



Show your love for the stars with this patriotic top.

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