A Classic Blazer + Pink Pinstripes

It was so nice to see first, second and third cousins Sunday at my family reunion.  But, boy did I make a fashion mistake. We rent the local senior center every year and I was afraid it would be terribly cold.  I wore a short sleeve summer sweater and I was miserable!

The air was set on a timer and because it was the weekend, it would not go below 80!  It was honestly cooler outside, and the temp there was 86!  I felt like I was back in the 70s when we used funeral home fans in church. Am I the only one that remembers that?

Still, the food was delicious and the heat was worth it to see my sweet relatives once again.  Unfortunately, most of us only get together once a year or if God forbid, at a family funeral.

Thank you Maple Holistics for gifting me this Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo and Acai Berry Lip Balm!

I’ll review the shampoo product in a couple of weeks. Hopefully, my hair will respond as well to the shampoo as it did the Silk18 Vanilla conditioner they sent me a few months ago. I am still using it!

My third day of blazer styling and my least favorite, lol. I guess because it reminds me of work.  I did add a very summery pink stripe to brighten up the black ensemble.  This is a classic look that you could continue to wear ten years from now.


Here are the past two posts wearing the blazer in a more casual way.

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