Adding Denim To An All Black Outfit

What a nice night! My granddaughter is now 12 weeks old. I visited with her for awhile, holding her every minute. I’m pretty sure her mom and dad were there too, lol!  I love every spit up, every clothing change and every cat nap she took while I was there. She doesn’t even seem like a newborn anymore. She talks to her hanging mobile like it’s another human being.  I think she truly believes the animals and she are having a conversation. This baby has my heart!

After that, Jim and I watched the college football national championship between Clemson and LSU. Neither of our teams were in it (Auburn or Alabama) but we pretty much follow all the teams so we enjoyed the game and were glad that a team from the SEC won! Geaux Tigers!

An all black outfit is chic and classic. To break up the starkness; consider adding a nice belt and a denim jacket. This will give the look a casual vibe and give you an extra layer during the colder months.

My jacket is so old it’s probably considered vintage but it is a classic Gap boyfriend style. I really like the shearling lining for winter because typically a denim jacket isn’t warm enough. As mild as our Alabama weather has been so far though; it would be enough.


Dillards // Levi’s // Levi’s

I chose a slim fit turtleneck; that I would not wear alone (too tight). A fitted top keeps the outfit from looking lumpy or sloppy. The jeans are William Rast (similar) and the belt came from JCP (BOGO 50%).

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