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Week 2 and counting. I made a whole new list of chores and hopefully can knock out a few outside jobs this week. We have a chance of rain for the next few days but I’m hoping it will be scattered. I feel for you mothers that have kiddos to entertain. They can be a little like caged animals, lol.

One of the best ideas I’ve seen on social media was a lady who placed three baskets (one for each child) on the counter each morning with their selection of snacks for the day. The kids chose when and how much they ate but when the snacks were gone, they were gone. If the children ate them all by 10:00 a.m., tough. I love putting the responsibility on the child! What a great life lesson and it would take away the begging for constant snacks during the day. I don’t remember who posted this, but I would love to know how it went. My guess is that the kids figured out very quickly how to space their goodies out throughout the day. Genius! Maybe I need to do that for myself!

Today, I’m styling the last clothing pieces (animal print blouse and denim) and the necklace from Stitch Fix.

Here and here are two posts with me styling my Loft animal print blouse in a casual and a dressy outfit. You can see why I didn’t need to keep this one from Stitch Fix. They are almost identical. Speaking of Loft, I received a few items from Loft Outlet last week and I’ll be styling those this week. Loft and Loft Outlet are both having incredible sales so if you are stuck at home with plenty of time (and most of us are) check out their website.

Here is the post from last week styling the denim with other pieces.

Similar // Similar // Similar

Cage Heels (similar // similar)

I’m still searching for a mid size black purse but this one works until then. It is years and years old and I like the look of it but it has no pockets or compartments so searching for items is a nightmare. I’ve linked a couple of my favorites. Maybe during this quarantine down time, I can choose one!

This Tory Burch crossbody is a little small but I love the look of TB and a crossbody is always a good idea.

Tory Burch


New Direction

The last piece of my Stitch Fix box is this pretty double bar necklace.

Target / Belk // Banana Republic

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