Awkward Space? Add a Ladder!

I had an empty stretch of wall in my living room/hallway.  The fireplace is the room’s focal point and it is to the right of this wall.  I needed something unassuming to occupy this space.

I found our old barn ladder in my mother’s shed.  The barn loft was always a place I went to play house or sing (the cows did not care how off-key I was), so the ladder evokes very fond memories for me.

I love filling my home with items from my childhood homeplace.  Or, even better, from my grandparents home.

The ladder was so easy to paint.  It is nicked and deeply scarred which made the distressing genuine.  I simply painted it over one time with white latex paint and it was exactly the way I remembered.

I love the spot it occupies in my living room but my mother thinks it’s ridiculous.  When she saw it against my wall, she asked me what I planned to do with it.  I told her I had repainted it and it was now finished and in its spot.  She replied “Well, it doesn’t look very good”.  In her day, distressed meant you couldn’t afford to have better.  Lol, you gotta love it!

I don’t remember where this stool came from and I didn’t take a before shot.  Trust me, it was ugly white and in desperate need of TLC.  I copied a Pinterest pic (below) and now use it between two closet doors in a guest bedroom.

It is the perfect step-stool though so it still has practical use.

Little village

Do you have a repurposed ladder?  If so, I would love to put a pic of it on my blog! Send to me or comment below!

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