Black Dress | Denim Jacket

DAY 2 of Womens’ Work Wear and styling more wardrobe staples today.  Before we talk about the iconic Little Black Dress; let’s just say…every woman needs a piece that can be worn as many ways as this denim jacket can.

I had a Gap favorite for years and it turned out it was my daughter’s! She reclaimed it and I was on the hunt for a replacement.  Found this Jessica Simpson brand a couple of years ago. This one at Macy’s is 25% off!

I pretty much wear it at some point during every season of the year.  A denim jacket will probably be in style forever, so it’s worth it to invest in a quality brand.

The Little Black Dress is a basic piece everyone needs. I have waaayyy too many black dresses but I wear each and every one so that makes it okay, right? This one is so old and has held up very well.  It’s from Forever21 so I know I didn’t pay a lot for it.  So many pretty options at Nordstrom.  I’m also linking cute Target dresses.

Shoes are Style Charles from JCP and very comfy because of the support straps across the foot. They are now on sale for less than $25!

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