Black Sweater & Tall Boots

Feeling thankful on this January Monday. Tornados, high winds and rain came across Alabama and surrounding states on Saturday and caused quite a bit of damage. One of the schools in our district was completely destroyed. It was a primary school but of course, being a Saturday, no one was in or around the area so no one was injured.

More storms are predicted for this week. Praying it doesn’t get rough. I’m so ready for winter weather. The insects (specifically yucky stinkbugs) have been terrible around here the last few months. I am 57 years old and before this last year, I’m not sure I could even have identified a stinkbug. Boy, I can now! Even pest control sprayings haven’t helped. If anyone has annihilation suggestions; please let me know. I’m ready for these stinky insects to be gone!

I snagged these Vince Camuto tall boots on clearance and love them! I wasn’t sure about the the taupe color but I think they will go with a lot of outfits. The fact that they go a little above my knee was also a selling point.

Vince Camuto Tall Boots

I also bought these Sorel wool socks (clearance also). They feel so good and will keep my feet very warm. I will definitely be buying more from this brand.


Similar // Similar // Similar

Man, black is hard to photograph. This sweater has a shawl neckline and the arms and edging has a lacy effect. It’s hard to see in these pictures. The top looks like a basic black tee. I bought this one years ago from Belk but I found several pretty options that would look good as a casual winter look.

I decided to style the Kaari Blue colored denim (similar) rather than blue to hopefully show off the boots better. I do like the contrast and these pants are so comfy. They feel more like leggings than jeans.

Similar // Similar // Similar

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