Boyfriend Jacket & Leopard Skirt

Hello!  I went to my new dentist today and I survived!  It was actually a pleasant experience.  My hygienist was adorable and so was the doctor, even though their ages added together would not equal mine!  Pictured below;  hygienist, observing dental student and me! (Note to self: never take a reclining selfie  #fluffyface)  

The crown must be replaced (the one I shot across my bathroom while flossing), but other than that, I’m good to go!

I searched my 250 plus posts to see how many times I had styled this skirt. It works in every season.  Animal print is still trending like crazy and the piece is extremely versatile.  If you would have asked me, I would have guessed I had posted it at least three times.  Unless I overlooked it, I’ve only posted it once!  That post is linked below.

Now, about this jacket.  I did NOT look back and count how many times I’ve used a denim jacket on my blog.  In my defense, this is a different denim jacket than the one on here last week.  This one is from Gap and has more of an oversized boyfriend look.

Wearing my new ankle strap block heels from JCP.  I completely wore out my others.  No kidding, they were spike heels and the pads were worn down so much I was afraid I would make dents in the hardwood.  Time to replace for sure.

I’m really liking the block trend. It gives more stability but still looks stylish.

The skirt is Gianni Bini and is no longer available.


Allergy puffy eyes!

Walk On The Wild Side Post


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