Brighten Your Fall Wardrobe With A Coral Sweater

I admit it, I’m cheating this morning by rebooting a post from last year, but only the pictures; all the links are new. I left early last night to pick up dinner, meet Jim and spend the evening with Daisy Kent and her mother. Clair’s birthday was Thursday so we had a mini celebration with Jack’s (her pick). I know, fast food isn’t too exciting but it was her second choice after Chick-fil-A. I tried there first but a cheerleader bus beat me there and I stood behind 12 girls for ten minutes. The line didn’t move an inch. I went out to the car with the intention of going through the drive-through; until I counted the cars wrapped around the building (15!) Going to Jack’s was a breeze after that mess. Whew!

After all that and eating our fast food meal, I was able to snuggle with our one and half week old baby the rest of the night ( I shared her with Jim, but forgot get a pic of them, I will next time). Her daddy, my son, had to go to a football game so I was only able to see him briefly, darn it! Luckily, Daisey Kent’s sweetness took my mind off that, lol.

My two gift card winners were chosen yesterday. Amy Frijas and Millie Sims have been contacted and will receive a $20 e-card from Walmart. Congratulations to both and thank you for your support!

This fall outfit could not be any simpler to put together. A medium weight sweater, stretch denim and knee boots are all you need to look stylish and put together. They key to this look is the nice pop of color the top provides. Adding brights to your fall wardrobe will serve you well when we move into the dreaded black/gray dead of winter.

Just kidding about the dreaded part…no one loves black and gray any more than me. But, it is nice to brighten up your look. If you are on the back side of forty; color brightens your face and makes you look more youthful. Who doesn’t want that? I do, I do!


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Frye Melissa Tall Boots

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