Casual Ways to Style Crop Pants

When we find a piece we love, we tend to wear it over and over. And why not? That’s what fashion is, wearing what we love and what makes us feel good!

These a.n.a. jeans will definitely be my go-to pants for the summer.  I love shorts but I’m also cold-natured and so many times I need sleeves or pants…or both!

These are not as roomy as the ones I wore in a recent post.  I can wear a top with more material with this style because they are fitted at the waist and hips.

I wear black every season,  I think we all do!  The top is Roz & Ali, shoes are Steve Madden and purse is Michael Kors.


I had to include this pic because it’s so silly! I was trying to capture a close-up of the top and misjudged the timer. I just posed quickly and ended up looking like an awkward cheerleader.  Maybe I’m reverting back to my high school days…rah!

Do you have a go-to outfit for summer?  Do you change up your look often?

Let me know what you think about the wide legs.  

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