Casual Ways to Style Crop Pants

When we find a piece we love, we tend to wear it over and over. And why not? That’s what fashion is, wearing what we love and what makes us feel good!

These a.n.a. jeans will definitely be my go-to pants for the summer.  I love shorts but I’m also cold-natured and so many times I need sleeves or pants…or both!

These are not as roomy as the ones I wore in a recent post.  I can wear a top with more material with this style because they are fitted at the waist and hips.

I wear black every season,  I think we all do!  The top is Roz & Ali, shoes are Steve Madden and purse is Michael Kors.


I had to include this pic because it’s so silly! I was trying to capture a close-up of the top and misjudged the timer. I just posed quickly and ended up looking like an awkward cheerleader.  Maybe I’m reverting back to my high school days…rah!

Do you have a go-to outfit for summer?  Do you change up your look often?

Let me know what you think about the wide legs.  

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Summer Orange and Wide Leg Crop Pants


Nothing says summer any better than a bright color!  This outfit arrived yesterday and it is now my favorite!  I’m never sure about orange because my skin has yellow undertones and certain shades don’t always work on me. I thought I would give it a try it since I have a decent tan from my recent vacation (suncreeen was used liberally).

The shirt is a.n.a. from JCP and it is extremely lightweight.  I was afraid the material would be thick and stiff but nope! It’s available in three colors!

The jeans are Project Runway from JCP and they fit perfectly.  Don’t mean to brag but I hit it out of the ball park with these. I went with a size 6T because I wanted them a little longer (I am 5’6″).  Regular crops make my legs look shorter, especially if I’m wearing flats. They are fitted through the waist and hips.  The flare has the darker relaxed hem that is so trendy now. This pair is 40% right now!

My block heels are from a few seasons ago but I love them so much I have them in black also.  They are New Direction from Belk.

I’ve had the necklace for quite awhile so I don’t remember where it was purchased. I like the way the colors enhance the shirt rather than compete with it.

Again with the knotted waistline! I really am drawn to this look.  It gives the illusion of a smaller waist and I’m always up for that!

I realize it seems as though JCP is sponsoring these posts but they are not.  I truly love their clothes and appreciate their affordable prices.

Why spend a small fortune on trends that will only be in style a season or two?  I would rather save my money for classic items that can be enjoyed for years!

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Trendy Wide Leg Crop Pants | Three Ways

These crop pants are as comfy as sweatpants, but look much better! It takes a little getting used to though…all that extra room!  These are from Belk. I bought them on sale and they are still discounted.

I think I’m liking the wide leg trend! The key to making this look work is to tailor the top. No flowing tops with this style.

I’m a big fan of knotted tops.  They create a nice waistline silhouette.   This one I self-knotted but i usually wear it loose with skinny jeans.

I styled these jeans with block heels and flats.  I felt like the wide jean bottoms would need a longer leg.

But, surprisingly I liked flats with them also.  They are shown below.  If you are petite, you probably would like a block or wedge heel to balance the width of the hem with a little more height.

Heels are Charles Stuart but I’ve had them awhile and do not know where they came from.  Very easy to wear all day  because of the strap support.

I’m often asked how I can wear heels all day; standing while teaching class.  If you have the right shoes with adequate support, it is very doable.  I like the height it gives me and I believe it takes style up a level.

Having said that, I also love a nice flat!

The clutch was bought at a boutique in Tennessee awhile back .  The nude color is versatile and the pebble texture is nice.

This top is Liz Claiborne brand at JCP. It isn’t available anymore but I linked a similar style.

When wearing multi-colored pieces, pull out a minor color and add that color as an accessory.  These turquoise earrings really stand out against the pink floral.

Not my favorite look, that’s why it’s last. Lol

It does prove my point though, too much material on top adds extra bulk. Not as flattering as a more fitted top would be.

I do wish I had ordered a small pant instead of a medium. Usually I’m a 6/8 or a medium but these are made to be roomy (similar to a boyfriend cut). You may want to go down a size.

I’ve had several compliments on these flats so I’ll add the Roan link here.  They also come in Epica Taupe.

The pink stripe top is Crown & Ivy from Belk.

Later today, I will be posting a new outfit highlighting another style of wide leg denim!

What do you think of the crop wide leg look? Yay or nay?

Do you plan to incorporate this look into your wardrobe?

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