Cold-shoulder Blouse and Lace Shorts

Just doesn’t seem right….long sleeve blouse on an island??? But the truth is, even in the tropical heat, restaurants can be chilly.  This top covers all the bases. Very cool and lightweight but still covers your arms.

Truthfully, I probably would have never noticed this Jessica Simpson top online.  The product picture on Belk does not do it justice.  It’s still in stock and there is another pattern option.  Links will send you to that one. Check it out here and let me know which you like better!

The shorts are a.n.a. from JCP but are no longer available.

The ruffle collar and tie are such pretty details!

I didn’t do a great job highlighting the red trim at the bottom.  Maybe you can see it better here.


Sandals are a couple of years old and looking rough.  I decided when I got home from the trip I would retire them for good.  Looking a little frazzled!

Similar trendy styles from DSW are shown below.

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