Strawberry Cheesecake Lush

In my experience, dessert recipes are easier than main dishes.  Maybe because I love sweets so much!

I made this one for a recent family reunion.  It looked so simple and I’ve made similar layer desserts many times.

Simple can be deceiving…

Problem 1:  the Pinterest link was broken so all I had access to were the ingredients.  I searched for one that was close but no luck.

Until finally, I FOUND IT!!!

Vanessa Hamilton uploaded a screenshot of the entire recipe. Yay Vanessa!

Notice the Joanna Gaines’s serving spoon, pot holder and salt/pepper prominently displayed. I’m not using the pot holder or salt/pepper shakers but they are so darned cute!

Problem 2: I had company on Friday.  This happened…

Found these in the cookie jar.  Butter cookies! I thought that would be a great substitute! 

This part took forever.  People do know there are graham cracker crusts ready made right??? Mine was more chunky than crumbly but…moving on.

Except for being interrupted by a cat-tastrophe,  (kitten getting stuck under my house), the rest went smoothly.

A bowl of milk and a little food was left for the kitty.  The foundation door is open for escape, but no luck yet.  To be continued… 

Success! Looks good. Tasted delish.                          I’m sure it’s all because of my                             “butter cookie” crust!

Recipe credited to but again, thanks to Vanessa for saving the day.  

Now Vanessa, could you save the cat?

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