Crisp White With A Denim Jacket


Hello Tuesday!  Funny story concerning this white dress.  Last spring I was invited by my sister to attend a Diner en Blanc or a White Dinner.  I never knew anything like this existed, but I was game to try it. 

 In case you are like I was and have no idea what a White Dinner is; here is a little history.

It’s quite like a pop-up party.  This fun tradition began in Paris, France, 1988. Now it is held every year in various locations.  You must be invited by a member and the location is kept secret (even by the organizers) until you arrive by bus.  In our case, it was a park by the water in Decatur.  Hundreds of people arrive at the same time, all dressed in white.  That’s the rule; hence the name “White Dinner”.  No other colors.  You bring your own table settings and buy a boxed dinner.

As everyone arrives, the field is transformed into a beautiful white wonderland.  For about an hour hundreds are arranging their tables and preparing for dinner.  When the dinner hour arrives, white flags are waved by all participants and the feast begins!  Live music and exceptional entertainment flows well into the night.  2018 Diner en Blanc pictures are below.

In preparation for this event, I began searching for a white dress that would be comfortable and would be dressy/not too dressy.  Several were ordered and this was one of them (as you can see below, not the one I ended up wearing).

I hated the sleeves on this dress immediately.  The were lacy and hit right at mid-bicep.  Worst look for me ever.  It widens my chest and shoulders.  So, before common sense took over and I could change my mind, I took out my scissors and cut off the sleeves.  Now the dress is sleeveless!

Do not try this at home.  It could have been an unfixable mistake.  It actually turned out okay and I wear the dress often.  I was lucky because the lacy material is stretchy so the cuts do not even look jagged.  Maybe I’m a designer at heart…..not.

The dress is still available (sleeves intact, lol)



Denim Jacket is Jessica Simpson

Shoes are Franco Sarto (brown has sold out)


Tan Shopper is Time & Tru Walmart


Check out that fascinator.  I felt so British!


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