Dress Like A Boss In Florals

Florals are all the rage this season!  Wearing black slacks with a floral top is a great professional look without having to wear a more formal suit.

I always tell my 8th graders to dress for the job you want, not for the job you have (when they have a job of course).  I tried to look up this quote to give correct credit but some attribute it to author Austin Klein and others to the movie “Picture Perfect”. (shrug)

At school we have an annual “Dress For Success Day”  that I started years ago when I taught an after school fashion class.  These guys really step it up and always look great!  It’s a nice departure from their normal hoodie/tshirt/jeans attire. Lol

Floral print is such a happy, happy pattern.  Small, large, bright, subtle; take your choice.  They are everywhere and easy to find. So, pick a few flowers and enjoy this sweet trend!

I have no idea what that’yellow thing is under my table.  Maybe a candle??? Spart the dog pulls my two pillows off the wicker chair and onto the porch floor every night so maybe he decided to also move the candle.  He’s a smart one.





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