Dress Up Summer With A Maxi

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Hello friends, I hope you enjoyed your 4th celebrations. The weekend isn’t over and I have no major plans today, just recuperating from the last two days. I love Saturdays when’s nothing but relaxing is on the agenda.

I have some great fireworks pictures below.  Plus, my nephew Carson wins the award for classiest Independence Day attire. Please zoom in on the belt because it’s so cool!

A maxi dress in July may seem ridiculous but they add a little glam to your summer outfits and can still be enjoyed in the nice air conditioning. A summer wedding is the perfect place to sport a pretty midi or maxi length.  I would leave the denim at home for a wedding of course (see below).

ThIs dress is years old.  I don’t even remember where it was purchased. But, I love the pattern so I just keep wearing it.

Everything linked is on sale!




I like the turqoise drop colored earrings as an accessory.

Our founding fathers would have been proud to wear this belt!

Best view in town of Lake Guntersville’s fireworks show.

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