Easter Dresses You Can Wear All Summer

Yep, the dress made it.  I can almost always count on fast shipping with JCP.  As a matter of fact, packages usually arrive early.  This dress came in two days before the projected arrival.

I love the color and the quality.  I just need to drop a couple of pounds before Sunday.  Yikes!  I ordered my usual size 8 and it’s a little snug…okay, okay, it’s more than a little snug.

I am packed into a body suit from Spanx that I have had for years and never until now have felt the need to wear.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn my Spanx shaping shorts many, many times but this garment is another animal.  It sucks everything in from my bra to my thighs.

I had flashbacks of my mother putting on her white girdle while getting ready for church.  Good times, good times.  And now I’m continuing the cycle.

Even if you aren’t an almost size 10 and trying to fit in an 8; Spanx smooths everything.  No panty lines…yay!

This JCP dress comes in three colors and is presently on sale.  The afternoon it came in, I washed and dried it immediately then went out to snap these pics.  Light was fading so they aren’t as clear as they should be, but I wanted to get them up on the blog as soon as  possible.  It’s too late to order for Easter, but still could be picked up in the store.  

Speaking of their store, a JCP in-store sweet sale is happening today through Saturday.  Unwrap your chocolate bar for 30, 40 or 50% off.  Now that’s tasty!


Even though mine is solid, florals are hot, hot, hot this year.

JCPenney//JCPenney//Calvin Klein (6 floral prints)//Democracy//Belk

The jacket doesn’t come with this Democracy dress but if you want a little more coverage, denim looks great with it.  Also, the dots have a small pink stripe, which adds a nice detail.


On another note…this tee makes me mega happy!  I love a graphic tee, especially at  a good price! Check it out here.

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