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Hey! I’m still here, lol! I’ve taken a break from fashion for now for several reasons (hacking issues, pandemic economy) but the main reason is that I have no need for new clothes! We teachers worked the last 12 weeks of school virtually and now of course, we are out for the summer. I could not justify (even to myself) buying new pieces when I’m practically going nowhere and I have a closet full of clothes. 

Having said all of this; I have decided for now to use my blog platform to highlight home decor and specifically, event planning and decoration. So, I am transitioning from Styling on Purpose to Event Styling on Purpose!

I hope you enjoy seeing my Pinterest inspired decor and party ideas as much as I enjoy presenting them!

It’s always a good time when my friends and I get together.  We had to cancel our annual Caribbean trip this year due to COVID19, so we are trying to get together more than we normally do during the summer. A simple brunch for four was a good start! Hopefully, we can meet several more times before school begins in August.

Nothing served today was complicated or expensive. The centerpiece was a pitcher by Pioneer Woman (Walmart) filled with day lilies from my flower garden. The picture to the left is of all four girls wearing our St. Croix bracelets that we bought together around 15 years ago. The picture was made 5 or 6 years ago. I keep it in my guest bedroom as a reminder of this special friendship. We all still wear our bracelets regularly.

Fresh fruit is a must for a summer brunch and keeps the menu light and healthy. Publix had a buy one, get one free so we enjoyed blueberries, strawberries rolled in sugar, grapes and raspberries.

Two cheeses (Chèvre soft honey goat cheese and extra sharp cheddar) with Pepperidge Farm assorted crackers balanced well with the sweetness of the fruit. The Belle Chèvre Cheese Shop and Tasting Room is a must see if you live near Elkmont, Alabama. We four women headed north last summer for a day of thrift store shopping and enjoyed a wonderful lunch at this charming shop. Imagine my delight when I realized Publix carried their goat cheese!

The “meat” of the meal is a favorite in my family; Sausage Crescent Rolls (recipe below). So easy, delish and filling!

My friend Diane contributed by bringing yummy cinnamon rolls for our dessert. The two carafes held a summer punch and orange juice.

It doesn’t hurt to have a built in view to enjoy during your brunch. The lake was stunning and while the deck was a bit warm, there was a nice breeze. We did actually move to the covered area as the morning sun grew hotter.

Simple rattan chargers, red plates and a fresh orange was our place setting. I meant it as a garnish but I think we all four ate the oranges. They were delicious and refreshing!

The main table centerpiece was a wreath of ivy (from my garden) and lemons. The cute littles birds came from Dollar General ($2 each)! Unfortunately, the votives would not stay lit because of the breeze; but the breeze kept us from melting so we were okay without candlelight.

I had planned to used florist wire to attach the ivy into a wreath but could not find it. I simply wound the vine and tucked it into the thicker stems. Luckily they didn’t spring out while we were eating! Rosemary and lemons were used to fill in the empty spaces.

I placed the utensil caddy and extra hydration on the smaller table. Yes, all waters were consumed, lol. Rosemary from my yard was used as garnish on this table and on the cheese board.

Oops, someone forgot to turn the candle so the label didn’t show. 🙄

Yep, this is my plate and I didn’t even feel guilty about eating so much. Maybe the healthy fruit offset the other; or maybe not.  Either way, it was a nice morning with friends on a beautiful day in June!

Sausage Crescent Rolls

1 lb. sausage ( I used Tennessee Pride mild) // 1 8 oz. Cream Cheese 

3 Cans Pillsbury Crescent Rolls // Shredded Cheese (optional)

Brown the sausage, lower heat and slowly stir in cream cheese (soften by setting out beforehand). The actual recipe calls for 2 cans of rolls but believe me you will have enough mixture for three cans (24 rolls). Roll out and separate dough triangles and place spoonful on larger end of roll. Don’t overfill. Add shredded cheese to sausage mixture (if used). Roll it up and place on greased pan. Bake according to crescent roll instructions. Different rolls may call for different temperatures/times. Basically, you are browning the rolls because the sausage is already cooked. Serve warm and enjoy!

All food items (other than cinnamon rolls) came from Publix. Decor cost me zero because I either already had it on hand or it was plucked from my garden/yard. 


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