Everything Is Coming Up Floral

Well folks, this is what you get when you boast.  I declared a couple of days ago how pretty my snowball bush is each year and just look at it.  The blooms that are there are large and lush but they are sparse.  There’s more green than white for sure.  The last windy wind we had, hit just as they were budding out and several hit the ground wayyyy too soon.

I’ll still enjoy the blooms that survived and maybe remember that humility is a virtue!

I love a floral skirt, floral dress, floral top, heck even floral pants!  Other than stripes, flower patterns are probably my favorite.  I’m also mixing media as they call it.  Texture in my white top and pattern in my bottom piece.

Nothing new today. I’ve styled the top before (post below), but not the skirt.  It is the only LuLaRoe piece I own.  Dressing it down with a t-shirt and sneakers also works but I’ve styled that quite a bit lately; so I didn’t today.

Calvin Klein


Amazon//Kaspar//Dress Barn

I do have a few items coming from Wal-Mart’s new line, Time & Tru.  The prices are great so if the quality is decent, I’ll be thrilled.  I’ve never been much of a Wal-Mart shopper.  I think it’s because of the mass amount of people that’s always there.  I scoured the website and ordered the items online, which is my preferred way to shop anyway.

The blush clutch is last year’s from JCP.  I’m finding more and more outfits to pair with.

Peach Clutch

The block heels are actually more of a taupe than brown.  They look much darker in these pictures.

10 Workwear Outfits

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