Eyeshadow Tutorial

The eyes are usually the first thing I notice about a person.  I know personally how important eye makeup is because I made the mistake of going to school without applying eye liner one day a few years ago .  Two teachers  and three students asked if I felt bad or if I was sick!  A valuable lesson was learned that day.  This girl needs eye makeup!

My daughter-in-law Clair was kind enough to take us through her eye makeup routine.  She is a devout user of the Naked3 palette by Urban Decay but she was out of her two most used shades so she used a substitute; Jacob & Eli from Amazon.

Naked3 Palette

  The color “Fran” was used first from the Jacob & Eli Bare palette to cover the entire lid.

Next, an angled brush was used to add a darker shade in the corner of the lid.  A v-shape was made and blended into the crease of the eyelid.  “Mell” (shown below) was used as the dark color and “Pico” (shown above) as the blending color.

A thin line of L’Oréal Paris Carbon Black liquid eyeliner was applied to top lid only.

2-3 coats of Clinique High Inpact mascara in Black was applied next.

Someimtes a little shimmer is added with Urban Decay Naked3 palette, “Trick and Mugshot” combo colors.

There it is! A look that can be worn day or night.  She looks beautiful!!!  

One of my favorite beauty products; Grande Lash enhancer.  It really makes a difference in lash length and thickness.




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