Fall Is Coming…A Red Cozy Cardigan

Fall in Alabama does not signify cool weather. It’s usually still muggy and humid, but when the days become shorter we start thinking about chilly nights and pleasant temps. Here that means late October or November.

In any case, when we begin looking at fall styles, cardigans immediately come to mind. They are the perfect layering piece.  A cardigan adds dimension and interest to an outfit and can be removed on the warmer days.

This red sweater was a Nordstrom sale buy and I caught it on the tail end of the July sale blitz.  It isn’t on sale anymore but it’s  still a decent price.

Definitely size down on this one. Nordstrom is great about giving info on product sizing and it is recommended to go down a size. I’m a pretty solid medium and the small fits me perfectly.

I begin pulling out my darker wash or black jeans when the weather cools. My favorite dark jeans are Democracy and have held their shape and dark color well.  I try to remember to turn them wrong side out when washing but I’m sure I’ve forgotten a few times.

I chose to style my William Rast black denim today.  These are Justin Timberlake’s brand and are great quality jeans.  They have a little stretch and feel great against the skin.

These perforated booties have a greenish tint that I wasn’t expecting.  It isn’t enough to make me not like them but I was thinking they were light gray.  The shade looks grayer outside than it did in the house so it will vary according to the color that’s paired with them.  They were a good price so I’m keeping them.

White Mark//Front Tie

JCP//Red Plaid Venus


Lucky Brand//Macy’s

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