Feminine Red Blouse & Denim For A Smart Casual Outfit

The most recent purchases I’ve made were with Valentine’s Day in mind.  I styled this top a couple of weeks ago with a black pencil skirt but today I want to show how versatile it is by dressing up a casual outfit.

I used to be bad about keeping my skirts and blouses separate from my casual attire.  I thought very one dimensional.  Now, I try to think of every piece as a part of two or three outift styles and I try to wear them differently each time.

Don’t you love a pendant necklace? It is one of the focal points of this outfit.  The other being the sheer striped sleeves.  This black gemstone necklace was made by my daughter. Check out her etsy page here.

Burgundy Blouse

Surplice V-Neck Top

Embroidered Top Target

Romantic Ruffles Blouse from Gap

Shein Balloon Sleeve Blouse

Hue Leggings

Tan Booties

Red Blouse w Black Pencil Skirt

The weekend is almost here.  We are still battling the flu here in North Alabama.  We were out four days last week and other schools have been out this week.  It hasn’t hit my family yet so maybe we will get by without catching that nasty bug.  

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