Fireplace Makeover, From Red To White

My brother and his wife, let’s call them Alan & Wendy, (because their names are Alan & Wendy) bought our family home and have been remodeling it through the years.  The house was built in the late sixties.  The exterior brick Is red also.

That fireplace brings back many memories as bringing in the daily firewood was my chore.  From the woodpile at the edges of the back yard to the back porch.  Not my favorite job for sure, but I did love a roaring fire during the winter.  I also loved sitting on the hearth until my back felt as if it were on fire.

A & W are considering painting the exterior of the house white, which would be a huge undertaking!  Until then, their lucky fireplace has gotten an amazing update; in three easy steps!

First, the brick was cleaned with vinegar and water 50/50.

One coat of Sherwin Williams Loxon primer

The primer takes only a few hours to dry but in this case, it dried for a few days.  Owners (aka Alan & Wendy) were extremely busy.

Sherwin Williams Interior Latex

White may possibly be the hardest color to choose.  So many shades!  Wendy decided on Crushed Ice and it was perfect!

It’s incredible how the new paint job lightens up the entire living area.  Now, maybe they will be brave enough to start on the exterior!

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