Flannel Shirt and Olive Cargo Vest

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I have last minute shopping to do today then we are heading to my mother’s for Thanksgiving dinner there. My daughter will be home around lunch, yay! Absolutely nothing going on tomorrow and then Jim’s mother’s house on Friday. I think we might go get a Christmas tree this weekend for Jim’s house. He prefers a real tree and so do I but I have an artificial because it’s so much easier!

Our weather this week has been perfect thus far but rain is moving in today so we may be in for a messy family get-together tonite. No worries, we will still enjoy and this year we have our newest little turkey joining us!

I bought this dip dye flannel at a Vintage Christmas Show last year and then my friends and I made our own (see pic below). This shirt and the ones we bought (from Walmart) are men’s sizes (we all sized down); which means they are longer in the sleeves and a bit oversized. I usually wear this shirt open over a navy t-shirt but in the spirit of Thanksgiving week, I’m styling it today under a cargo vest.

Walmart // JCP // Walmart (Mens)

Belk // Amazon

Walmart // Amazon //  DSW

We basically just rubber banded the torso and sleeves where we wanted the bleaching to begin. Then shirts were dipped into the bleach and left there about 10 min. WEAR GLOVES, lol. Rinse, rinse and rinse and voila! Or……go to Pinterest if you need more specific directions. Or…..just buy here.

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