Floral Midi Meets A Black Moto Jacket

I’m excited because today we have plans to go watch a volleyball match that my brother coaches; then to visit my sister and her family. They only live an hour away in Huntsville but with everyone’s crazy schedule, it’s hard to find time to get together. Of course, the trip also includes somewhere good to eat!

This weekend was filled with great food, so much so that Jim and I decided to go back on our diet. Not a formal diet but just watching our (my) sweet content. Yesterday alone, I had a Popeye’s cinnamon apple pie (yum), vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s (Jim needed coffee and I couldn’t resist) and Kristy Kreme doughnuts (the HOT sign was on…nuff said). That was a lot of sugar in one day, even for me. So, I’m ready to start cutting out that good stuff for awhile.

Well…helloooo Moto jacket and midi dress! Good to see you again. Sunday, I highlighted a really pretty floral dress/moto jacket outfit from Nordstrom. Here is the post, in case you missed it. The other outfit on there was a casual look styling the same camel jacket. I linking a few more pretty fall dresses today.

I’m enjoying styling dream outfits (i.e. ones I don’t currently own), and highlighting a particular store on Sundays. It gives me a break from being in front of the camera and maybe shows you clothes from different stores that you may not have seen before. I’m also not cheating and copying a complete outfit shown on their site; I’m creating outfits from pieces I love.

I styled my new Loft dress with a Michael Kors Moto jacket (similar) to toughen up the outfit a little. Black Lucky booties (similar) add to the edgy effect. This dress is so comfortable and adding a layer means I can wear it well into the next few months.


Nordstrom//Forever 21


Loft Jacket//Venus

Michael Kors’ Booties

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