Florals Are Not Going Away, Yay!

It’s a short post today and tomorrow because final preps are being made for the shower. Are you tired of reading about it, lol? Sorry, but it’s my life right now and between work, blogging and the you-know-what; I’m running like a crazy person.

I’m a list maker and I love to check items off my list. A day before the shower and I still have 20 things left to do. So many tasks have to wait until the last minute. I just want everything to look nice and go well.

This floral blouse from Loft came yesterday. Florals are everywhere! If you don’t believe me, just scroll through your favorite online store. I, myself love them. It’s such a happy print.

Loft Floral Blouse//Red Denim (similar)//Red Denim Tummy Control (similar)//Red Skirt

Sorry, no product pictures today (it takes twice as long to add pics) but trust me, I linked several stylish alternatives below.

Karen Kane//CeCe//Sanctuary//StarVNC


I hope your weekend is wonderful! Tomorrow will be my new Sunday inspiration outfit post; all pieces from one place.

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