4th Of July Ideas

Jim and I celebrated the 4th a little early so I could share with you a few patriotic ideas. It was a win-win because you have to know we are going to enjoy another cookout on Independence Day! Our city will not be having their annual  fireworks display this year which is a bummer because Jim has the perfect view from his back deck. Another group is going to present a show but it will be on the other side of the city so we aren’t sure how the view will be. We think it will still be seen from Jim’s back yard but not quite as close as last year.

I decked out his grilling area with red, white and blue on Saturday. It was so festive and fun! Nothing was expensive or elaborate. The food was simple to prepare which gave us plenty of time to enjoy the afternoon and evening. No stress! And bonus…the house is now fully decorated for the next two weeks leading up to the 4th. We have a small friends’ cookout planned for this coming Saturday so half my work is finished!

Front porch decor…I made three star pallets last week and have two to make this week. The hardest part is finding the perfect pallet! I will have directions for this and a couple of other projects on a post later this week.

Simple front door decor (from last year).

Table for two!

I scuffed up a terra cotta pot with swishes of white paint/water and plopped a hydrangea bloom on top. With such a tiny table; very little decor is needed. If the red bird looks familiar; it’s because I used it last week in the brunch decor.

Small American flags: Dollar General // Red plates: Pioneer Woman Walmart // Black placemats: Publix // Stars & Stripes napkins: Pottery Barn

Picnic basket (no idea, it’s years old) // Tea towel: Big Lots // Galvanized tray: old but I think from Dollar General // Red tray: old but I believe from Hobby Lobby

Extra napkins are always useful. Galvanized napkin/utensil holder: Belk (last year)

Blue Mason jars: Target // Bandanas: Hobby Lobby (red) (blue wasn’t online but there were plenty in store // Galvanized stand (set of three): Overstock

I painted two terra cotta pots for the occasion. Vinca plant from Lowes.

Corn on the cob hack; I heated three pots of water to boiling mark on the stove; then poured over corn. We left it there while we grilled. No running back and forth from the kitchen to the deck. The cooler did the work for us. Word of warning: 2 hours later when we were cleaning up, the water was still extremely hot!

Two sirloin/pepper/onion kabobs from Publix for $9. Delicious and tender, Jim simply marinated with Dale’s steak sauce 30 minutes prior to grilling.

3 cheese garlic bread. We certainly didn’t worry about calories with this meal.

The plate looks a little sparse and after the fact, I realized I should have added a simple salad. It was actually plenty  of food and we were full but not too full; after all we had two desserts left to eat!

A little while after our meal, we were ready to move to the S’more station. We each managed to consume two. It was growing dark as we toasted the marshmallows so I didn’t get a shot of the actual S’mores once they were assembled.

My son’s family just returned from the beach so they brought a little sand back for me to use in my jars. It makes an excellent stand filler for marshmallow skewers.

How cute is this graham cracker American flag? We were pretty stuffed after the s’mores so we waited a couple hours before we ate these. They were delicious! Jim even raved about them and he isn’t crazy about strawberries.

Recipe below.

I didn’t take time to go inside and add lipstick. We were too busy 4th of July-ing. 😊

The idea for my patriotic grahams came from Pinterest, of course! You can find full details at Acultivatednest.com. This would make a great kids’ activity. Children are much more creative than I am. I only made two so prep was pretty simple. Slicing the strawberries into small strips took the most time. Total time to assemble; 10 min.

Red, White & Blue Grahams

Two Honey Maid graham crackers // Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy Cream Cheese Frosting (the cream cheese flavor was the clencher) // 4 strawberries // 8 blueberries

Spread frosting on crackers (liberally if you love it like I do), place 4 blueberries as the flag and strawberries as the stripes. Enjoy!

Thank you for joining me today for my early 4th of July celebration. It was fun!

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