Fringe Denim From JCP Adds To Boho Look

Veni, vidi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered).  This phrase is attributed to Julius Caesar and refers to a swift victory in battle.

I guess it’s a little dramatic to use this phrase when speaking of shopping.  But, it really does apply here.  Do you ever feel those lovely endorphins kick in when you snag a great deal or finally purchase that item you’ve been wanting? Yes, it’s superficial and not really important in the major scheme of things but when you look better you feel better.

I spotted these fringe jeans in a recent circular from JCPenney.  They were so cute and different from my regular crop jeans.  I couldn’t find the product info anywhere in the flier.  The jeans were shown in an ad for sandal (below).

So, of course I jumped on the website and started searching.  It took me quite a while, JCP has quite a few pairs of jeans!

Success!  Arizona brand which meant junior department and listed as low cut (but are actually more of a mid cut so they are fine).  It also meant a great price point ($16). I sized up and hit the “buy now” button (those really should be outlawed).  They came Tuesday and I wore them to school Wednesday.  Yep, “veni, vidi, vici” works for me 🙂

Top (similar//similar//similar)


Jeans (exact, out of stock 😩


Add a little animal print with mules, slides or sandals

Flats (similar//similar//


Medallion Earrings (similar)

Yay it’s Friday, and it’s spring break! I’m so ready for a little rest.  I haven’t yet recuperated from daylight savings time change.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the brighter afternoons but my body has to adjust to getting ready for school in the dark mornings.

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