Fun Casual Christmas Outfits

Hello Hump Day! We are moving quickly into the Christmas season and one of my favorite traditions is wearing festive holiday tops.

In the 90s, Christmas sweaters were all the rage. The internet was non-existent so stores could pretty much set their prices and women would pay. I only had a couple (boy, I wish I had kept them, they would perfect for “ugly sweater” days). I know of at least one woman that had 25! She wore a different Christmas sweater every day of December (yep, she was a teacher). We are not talking cheap sweaters; they ran around $50-60 each. That’s the reason I only had two, lol! They were heavy and as the day wore on, they would sometimes stretch longer and longer.

Luckily, nowadays competition has driven prices waayyy down and having a few fun shirts is doable. I love this one from It shipped to me in less than a week and that was during the Thanksgiving holiday. It’s soft and hopefully it will hold up well. They have many, many choices and really had cuter short sleeve shirts but who wears a short sleeve winter top? Floridians??? No thanks, here in North Alabama it’s too cold for that. I even added a camo jacket today for our milder days but it’s more likely that I’ll be wearing it with a heavier cardigan.

Fairy Season // Walmart // Kohl’s


Land’s End // JCPenney // Belk

Nordstrom // Belk

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