Fun with Graphic Tees for the Holidays

Ignore the grainy face please, it was almost dark (at 4:30 pm) when these were taken.  It’s all about the  clothes anyway, right?

I love a cute holiday tee! So festive and fun.  I hope I never get too old to enjoy wearing what I want. Fashion should make you feel good about yourself.  It’s the first impression people have of you so make the most of it!

Funny story… I teach eighth graders and I wore this outfit to school the other day.  One of my girls said “I thought that shirt said ‘Single All The Way’ “!  😂

I was trying to take a better quality pic inside but of course the words are backward.  I’m trying, but not succeeding.  Better days ahead!

Keep scrolling for some adorable options.

   Crown & Ivy

  Crown & Ivy


    Crown & Ivy




Have a wonderful weekend!

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