A Great Casual Weekend Look & A Peek At Valentine Sweaters

I know, I know, it’s not the weekend yet. But it never hurts to think ahead.  Speaking of looking ahead, February is inching closer and I am working on a special blog featuring Valentines Day items.  Don’t miss it!

Take your fall pieces and create fashionable winter outfits without having to purchase anything.  I would have never thought to pair this olive top under my patterned cardigan for winter if I had not been working on my recent “wear from your closet” posts.

This outfit works well because the top is long sleeved and may be too warm worn together in the fall but both are needed in the winter.

Why are one of my eyes larger than the other in this picture? It could be an allergy issue or maybe one of my eyes is bigger all the time and I’ve just never noticed.  Oh well, what can you do?


How cute is this red cardigan, especially for the month of February?  Speaking of the love month, check out the heart sweater at the bottom of the post. 

Aztec Cardigan

Pocket Top


Hue Leggings

Frye Boots

Over The Knee Socks


Heart sweaters and tops are hot, hot, hot right now!  So many darling options at reasonable prices.  The one below is $15.99.  

Heart Filagree Earrings

Heart Sweater

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