Great Outfits For The Working Woman

It’s off to work we go…our area schools had a four day weekend because of a high number of flu cases.  It’s impossible to keep germs away in a school environment.  Maybe separating everyone for a few days has taken care of it.

We had no snow yesterday.  I heard there were flurries in the middle of the night but that was it.  Bummer.

So, I’m putting my loungewear away and pulling out my teacher clothes.  Today, I’m styling a look for the working woman, which by the way, describes every woman.

I’ve said this before but I hope leggings never go out of style.  I’ve never really loved so called dress pants. Do you remember those hideous pleated khakis that added twelve inches to our waist?  Granted there are much better options now but I tend to wear most tops untucked so leggings are the perfect option for me.

I’m wearing the embossed black leggings from Maurice’s but I think I will switch and wear plain next time. The pattern seems a little dressier than the top requires.

Embossed Leggings (only xsmall left) Similar option below


This blouse is the perfect spring top.  It is thin but not so much that a camisole is needed.  The length covers all parts that need covering.

Mixed Stripe Split Neck Top

Gray/White Stripe

My heels are Kors but if you prefer flats, a cute pair of mules would look nice.  I’m linking my post on mules here.

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