Green Checked Shirt and Denim Skirt

How bold do you go?  This color and pattern combo definitely qualifies as bold.  I didn’t wear this Crown & Ivy shirt when I first bought it because I felt it was too loud.  Then I wore it a couple of times with a cardigan, to tone it down a bit.  The key to wearing loud colors is to incorporate neutrals in your other pieces.

As Prof. Higgins grew “accustomed to her (Eliza Doolittle’s) face”, I have grown accustomed to this shirt.  Lol

It’s finally April!  I never want to wish my life away but I’m so ready for “April showers bringing May flowers”, except I don’t really want any more rain.  We’ve had enough to last all year it seems.  I’ll change my mind in hot, dry July I’m sure.

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