Green Tops from Target

Green is the color of renewal.  Well, at least to me it is. I love the springtime and all things green.  St. Patrick’s Day, money, grass, trees…need I go on?

I realize when you put yourself out there with selfies, there should be no excuses. I mean, I decide what does and does not go on the blog right?  But I just have to put a couple of disclaimers on these pictures.  1) My first EVER dressing room selfie session 2) Every time and I mean EVERY TIME, I changed tops my hair lit up with electricity like a football stadium.  I spent more time smoothing it than I did changing clothes (and yes, I may have licked it a time or two…no judgement please)

3) I tried on three bathing suits, two cover ups and five tops.  I was not the happiest camper around for sure.

Trust me when I say; this knit top is much cuter than it photographed here. It’s super soft and the arms are blouson style so it feels roomy.  I probably should have tried on a smaller size, but honestly, the thought of going out and starting again was too much.

I do want to do another try on session soon.  One here at Target and possibly Old Navy, but hopefully I will have an assistant with me next time.  That would be of great help!!

Green Dots

When I went to link this yesterday, it had been marked down to $13.99!  I ordered it with my Target red card which means no shipping and through Ebates which means I earned a few cents back! Score, score and score 🙂

Straw Bag

Blouson Sleeve Top

Flutter Blouse

Mock Neck Blouse

Floral Flutter Sleeve

I hope you enjoyed my day of green.  Check out Target online or in their stores.  

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