Guacamole Bites, Great for Tailgating

Simple to put together and very little prep time!  Delicious snack for your next get together or tailgating party.

Oops! Cilantro stayed a few days too long in the crisper drawer.  This recipe will have to make do without it.

Tostitos owes me a new bag of chips.  Had to dig and dig to try and find enough chips that were “scooped”.  I finally had to open a new bag!

I added sour cream to the recipe because, well…why not!

I couldn’t decide aesthetically which order I liked better, sour cream, guac or guac, sour cream.  I settled on guacamole, sour cream!

I made 21 bites because that’s how many it took to fill up my dish.  The only down side to this snack is that it needs to be eaten pretty quickly or the temperamental avocado will turn brown.  I used prepared guacamole.  Whether you make your own or buy just make sure it has added lemon or lime juice to help preserve the pretty green color.

Guacamole Bites

Thanks!  Every time I make these, they are a hit!

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