Headed To An Interview? 10+ Work Outfit Ideas

I have to be honest here.  I wasn’t too bowled over when I first received this purple jacket. It was wrinkled and had no shape. I knew it wasn’t a structured piece but believe me when I say it had NO SHAPE!

I hung it up, spritzed it with wrinkle releaser (my fancy go-to move) and ignored it for a few days. I’m not sure what I thought was going to happen…maybe a magic jacket makeover? Nope, looked the same a week later.  I reluctantly gave in and ironed it, UGH! I hate ironing with a passion I cannot even verbalize. But, I did it and it transformed nicely. Purple jacket here (10 colors).

Does this mean I will now begin ironing just for the heck of it?  Heck no! That was my ironing quota for the year! This sucker will go to the dry cleaner and I will gladly pay for it!

The purple color would make a great impression on a first interview or a regular work day.  Doesn’t purple mean power?  Kings and queens wore it right?  BTW,  I don’t think they had to iron.

Okay Delynn, let it go!

I will wear this to work, church and even with jeans out and about.  Because it isn’t structured, the jacket is very comfortable and at a great price point.  It’s lightweight so could be worn outside or in air conditioning.

The arm bunching on my right arm should in no way reflect badly on the jacket.  I was just too lazy to retake the picture. I am on vacation ya know.

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