Hitting Those Summer Sales at Belk

Just in case you are heading out for those end of season summer sales; thought I would share what I snagged yesterday! With my card, I received an extra 20% off on most everything!

This weekend is tax free for Alabama but I chose to go early and dodge the crowd.  Also, many sale items will sell out quickly.

I hit Belk yesterday and it was soooo nice.  Almost empty store just for me!  Well, not really for me, I just timed it well. I went for just one item….not sure what happened 😬

This top fits so well and of course I love the knotted bottom.  I usually wear a medium and this is a small. Even with a small, it’s very roomy.

This top is so much prettier than it looks against my boring white door. The above tank, white denim jeans  and this top are all Democracy.  I never pay full price for this brand. It’s one of my favorites but a little pricey for this school teacher!

Trench coat…I think I love you most of all.  Lightweight and made of 60/40 viscose and polyester. Super soft and the dove gray color will go with most everything.

Ask any brand or sale pricing questions on the comment section below, or by Facebook message.

Happy shopping!


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