Hot Air Balloons, St. Croix Bracelets & Grand Cayman

We had so much fun at the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival Sunday.  We had no idea where we were going or what was going on but it turned out to be perfect timing.  As we arrived, we saw zero balloons.  Only kid zone activities and food trucks.  I finally asked a sweet girl manning a lollipop kiosk.  She said they were just beginning to air the balloons in the open field.  So, as we walked that way, we began seeing large domes of material emerging from the ground.  It was awesome to see the workers firing them up and everytime we looked around, more were filling the air.

We counted around 25 when all were up and going.

Can I have this one please???  Just kidding, it takes a massive amount of work to air up these jokers.

I wore this knotted white top from Time & Tru, denim shorts from Gap and my Converse Shorelines. I carried my circle clear crossbody.

I’m so loving this top. The knots on the shoulders are a cute detail. It’s very cool and comfortable which is very important when going to this type of event. You can’t easily run back to the car and change, lol.  Three other color choices are shown below.

The only negative of the day was that the wind was not calm enough to give tethered rides.  This was as close as I could get to the basket.  Darn it!

We ate our dinner (corn dogs dipped in mustard) on the lawn waiting for the sun to set and the glow to begin.

It did not disappoint!  We were actually in line for ice cream (priorities, ya know), so I had to snap this shot quickly; they only glow for a few seconds. Tweety was a little dim (shrug).

These St. Croix Hook Bracelets by Sonya originated in St. Croix and are still designed and made by Sonya and associates.  If you are in a relationship; the hook is open inwards, if not; hook is open outwards.

We have seen other travelers (make and female) wearing them and knew immediately they had visited The Virgin Island of St. Croix. It’s a great conversation starter.

If you go, please do not leave without purchasing one of these unique pieces of jewelry.  We bought ours well over a decade ago and all still wear them consistently.  I even have the above picture framed in my beach themed guest bedroom.

Grand Cayman here we come!  I will be posting every other day rather than daily for the duration of the trip. Why, you ask?  ‘Cause I’m on vacation!!! I plan to have beautiful island pictures on every post!


Time & Tru Knotted Tank

Converse Shorelines

Clear Round Crossbody

Thank you so much for dropping by today.  My next post will be Thursday from ‘de island because tomorrow is my travel day.

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