Hot Purse Trends for 2019

Have you ever wondered how long a trend will last? In fashion, trends are everything.  They begin with the runway fashion shows and they eventually filter down to the common people (meaning me). High fashion shows are over the top and most  designs we would never wear in our real, everyday lives.  But the details make their way down to the retail world and what we purchase becomes a major trend.

Last year, one of the hottest handbag trends was the circular bag and it looks to be strong again this year.

Circular Purse

According to, a trend is what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time.  Which means it definitely has an expiration date.  When will that be? That’s an easy answer…when people stop buying.

Your trendy handbag (let’s take the circular for example), will still be fashionable this summer but by 2020 the trend will probably fizzle.  So if you paid less than $100, you will more than likely feel you got your money’s worth.

I hear this question often.  Why do women pay a ridiculous price for a true designer bag? My answer would be that one; it’s extremely well crafted.  Two, it will not go out of style.  Three, these bags (think Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel) can be passed down from generation to generation.  How many of us ladies would love to have a Chanel purse from fifty years ago?? I certainly would.

The fashionable backpack trend from last year is super stylish and I feel will be seen again this year.   Celebrities are often photographed sporting these because they are hands free and do not distract from the outfit.

Gucci Backpack

Gray Backpack

I hit two trends at once last summer with my purchase of the transparent circular crossbody from LauralE Boutique.  Clear bags are a necessity if you attend large stadium games, concerts or most any other large gathering.


 Transparent Purse




Clearly, the basket bag and circle handle bag will be big again, as shown in the Ulla Johnson Resort Runway Show (credit Vogue) this Spring.

The macrame or handcrafted look will be strong also.

Structured bags will also have a place on the ’19 trend market as shown in Chanel’s Cruise ’19 Runway Show.

Color seems to be strong this Spring with bright greens, pinks and yellows showing up.

Stores will be stocking spring and summer purse styles in the next couple of months and I’ll be watching and linking the most popular for you.  

Coming soon…a guest blogger with an eyeshadow tutorial, a special Valentine post, my Spring wants and more!  

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