I’m Crazy About Stripes

When I am shopping or looking online, my eyes are always drawn to anything striped.  I’m not sure why, I just feel it’s classy, and a more structured look.  I love it.  You will definitely see my partiality to the striped pattern when I roll out my “February Wants” post.

It was so cold Sunday when I took these pics, in the twenties.  By the time I send this post, it’s supposed to be around fifty or sixty degrees.  It’s a wonder we all are not sick!  Literally freezing one day and two days later, we can go out in short sleeves.

Yesterday was a school holiday in observance for Martin Luther King, Jr.  and I took off last Friday for the concert in Nashville.  I’ll have to get back into the school groove now.

Everything I have on is old and I’ve styled the dress before.  I do have a few clothes on order so I should have new styles soon.  It’s a crazy thing.  Stores expect you to actually pay for items and I’ve been on a strict budget since the Christmas holidays  :0

I’ve also been considering joining Trunk Club from Nordstrom. It’s a style service that basically works like Stitch Fix.  You set how often the trunk is delivered, there is a styling fee of $25 but that goes toward what you buy in that shipment.  The $25 is waived if you have a Nordstrom store card.

Here is a sample of their Club preview.  More stripes!


The closest Nordstrom store to me is Atlanta but I have become familiar with it online.  There is a Nordstrom Rack in Birmingham; I plan to check it out soon.


Any of you that are familiar with Trunk Club please send me your thoughts.

By this time of year, I am longing for Spring so any bright color I can add to black,  gray or brown I’m going for it.

I wore this to church and had to keep the coat on during part of the service because the dress has 3/4 length sleeves.  I really get a lot of wear out of this dress (I believe it came from Old Navy), it was a gift from my daughter.  I wear it in the fall and winter.

Blue Scarf

Cashmere Scarf

Striped Dress

Ralph Lauren Stripes

I really like this RL dress but I do NOT need another striped dress.  Oh, and of course it’s on sale!!!! Temptation 🙁

Hilfiger Boots

White Mountain Boots

Gray Car Coat

Amaryllis Update:

We are getting close

I see red in the bud!

Baby bud!

Fun fact: In the Victorian Language of Flowers, Amaryllis means “pride”.  I am very proud of my Diane Amaryllis!  

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