It’s True, Skorts Are Having A Moment


Tennis anyone?  Jk, jk, I would pull a muscle immediately, I’m sure. I can wear a sporty style, even if I don’t actively play a sport, right?

Did you know skorts were having a moment right now? If you like a step-up from the basic casual shorts look; then try them!

These are definitely better than the skorts of 1972 which were skirt in the front, shorts in the back.  I had quite a few of those (pretty sure my mom made them). Nowadays, they look like a skirt all the way around, a major improvement.


Bicycles make me happy. I have several home decor items that have cycles on them.

I bought my crate at Big Lots, but it’s not available anymore.

Not sure where my metal tricycle came from. It’s  very old. Similar


I’ve enjoyed my bicycle tee.  It’s several years old and I reach for it over and over.  I love the color green and yep, bicycles make me smile. Which is ironic because I don’t ride bicycles. Go figure.


Topshop Sneakers

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