Layering with Plaid | Black Denim | Lace Up Boots

Plaid is the universal term used now but was derived from the word tartan; which has been around for thousands of years. (Credit

Plaid in the fashion world has had a major resurgence in recent years and remains one of it’s most beloved styles.

Only one of my plaids is new this year and this isn’t it. Luckily, this checked print can be found in most stores so linking similars wasn’t too hard.

It’s a little early for layering but we all know that cooler weather is on the horizon.  Black tank, plaid shirt, and cargo jacket give a nice layered look without adding too much bulk.  Layers can be removed when needed which is nice in our  Alabama climate; fall can be hot/cool/windy/rainy from one day to the next. 

These boots do not go with many outfits I own but I like the edge it gives to this one.

I’m not a big jewelry girl so I like the fact that an outfit like this isn’t fussy.  I did add a small pendant necklace for color and small stud earrings.  Now, I’m ready for a hike…in style!

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