Light Gray Is A Stylish Neutral For Spring

This light gray trench is a perfect neutral for late winter into early spring.  The color is versatile and the drape shape of the coat is stylish.  This one has sold out (The Limited, Belk) but I linked some pretty options below.

Wow, the rain just won’t let up!  We have had thunderstorms and loss of power in some areas.  It was out at my house for a few hours earlier in the week.  It certainly made me realize how spoiled we are with our modern conveniences.  

We have a cookout planned for my son’s birthday today and a strong chance for storms and even tornados.  Hopefully, everyone will stay safe and we will be spared the worst of it.


Details take a coat from sloppy to stylish.  It’s not always practical (if I am dashing out to the car or to a store) to belt the trench but it looks neater that way.  The belt isn’t dangling and the collar isn’t flapping in the wind.  Lol

It may not be chic anymore to do this but I tie the belt in the back sometimes to give a little shape to the coat and keep the belt ends from driving me crazy.

I love my casual jackets but it’s nice to have a dressier option.  This coat can be worn with a dressed down outfit also.  It raises the style level for sure.

I look a little like a spy in this pic.  It wasn’t on purpose, but I kinda like it.  Maybe that will be my next career.

Tory Burch

New post soon on five (or more) ways to incorporate a spring look into your winter wardrobe and this is definitely one of them.  A nice trench in a lighter or brighter color can give us all the warm weather feels, while we are waiting for the milder temps.


Patricia Nash

Kors Trench Coat



Bamboo or woven round purses were on trend last year and are coming back strong this spring also.  You can easily find most any price point when shopping for this style purse.  I prefer to go less expensive on trends and splurge on a classic pieces.  There are many affordable options on Amazon.


Annie Diamantidis

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