Animal Print Jacket with Black Boots


Shorter post today because I’m sneaking a bit of work in during my girls’ trip in the mountains.  It’s beautiful here in Blue Ridge, Georgia and I hope to have a couple of posts ready in a day or so.

I’m writing this on Saturday so I’ll be home by the time it posts on  Monday.

Sunday will be the first day I have missed a post since I began this blog on June 18.  I took the day off because, as much as I enjoy it, it is very time consuming and I wanted to enjoy the time with my friends of 20+ years.  It’s refreshing to step back and take a break every once in while.  I’ll definitely be ready to jump back in with some really nice mountain pictures when I return home and get back in the swing of things.

I promise my entire wardrobe is not animal print. These are new items and I’m afraid they won’t be available if I wait too long to share.  I’m calling this an animal print jacket but technically it’s a cardigan.  The material is very soft with a bit of stretch.  It’s thick enough to be warm without feeling bulky.

      Ruby Rd (exact)

Oh me! By the time I posted this, the cardigan sold out and now cannot be found.  Hopefully, it will be restocked soon!  I’ll keep an eye on it and repost if it does become available again.


     The Limited

My boots are Vince Camuto but I can’t find them anywhere online.  I’ve linked similar below.



While working on these the pictures, I realized my boyfriend fit jeans were not the best pick for this outfit.  I wanted a light wash for the contrast effect but I think a skinny or jeggings fit would have looked less messy.

I’ll post more later but we met some very nice people and shopped a little also 🙂  Pictures coming soon.

Thank you so much for visiting today!  I am honored that you took time to stop by.  I am also on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.  Have a blessed day!

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