Low Key Chic With Denim, Camo & Black

Don’t you love Saturdays? I’ve only had one full time job my entire life that I had to work on Saturdays. I was a proof operator at a local bank. The job was great and it definitely improved my typing skills (the bookkeeping department encoded numbers on checks), but I disliked rising early on Saturdays to work a 1/2 day. I often think of retiring from this crazy teacher life but I’m afraid if I take another job, even part time; they will have the audacity to expect me to work weekends!

Reaching into the archives (original post) to pull out this low key chic look for two reasons. One, it’s my most frequently pinned outfit on Pinterest and two, almost everyone has these pieces in their closet right now! Okay, three reasons…I have nothing new to style at the moment so I’m pulling from my closet (shrug). I’m a teacher not a Kardashian!

Five easy peasy pieces make up this outfit and it’s oh so comfy but still stylish. Any color cami could be used but I like the clean look of the black and denim.

skirt (similar)//jacket (similar, plus)//jacket longer style//camisole (similar)//Converse Sneakers

Like I said before, the pics are from almost a year ago so for fall transition, I would probably wear my leather white or snakeskin sneakers rather than the cloth Converse.

Change the outfit a bit by wearing a different jacket. Same style, different look. Mine is from Nordstrom and out of stock. I linked several options below.

Camo Jacket (similar)//similar//similar

Topshop Sneakers

Currently Loving!

Petal Hoops (9 colors)

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