Making The Old New Again, Creating Outfits From Your Closet

How’s it going with you? Things are good here.  2019 is starting well.  My kids are healthy and happy, I’m thankful for a job I enjoy and I love this blogging business.  I had no idea what I was getting into last June when I dove into this.  I knew nothing about setting up a website or blogging but became interested because I was following three popular fashion bloggers; CyndiSpivey (,  Jolynne Shane ( and Tania Stephens ( I liked their style and I’ve learned so much just by reading their blog posts.  Yep, I admit it, I’ve copied a few ideas from them!

I had been praying for something in my life to keep me busy, especially during summer breaks.  My children have been grown and independent for some time now and I had already reorganized, repainted, and remodeled almost everything in my house.

Be careful what you pray for…you might just get it, lol.  I’ve never been busier in my life!

If you want to know more of my story, click on the “about me” tab.  Now, on to the style of the day.

I’m definitely on an “after Christmas” budget this month so I’ll be re-styling clothes from the closet.  That’s what we all do in the real world right?  We want our pieces to work for us in more than one season and for sure in more than one outfit.  The key is to wear them differently each time and everyone will think you have new clothes…all the time!

These pieces are not only from my closet, but so old that I knew I wouldn’t be able to link any of the originals.  I’ve tried to find similar items for you to shop.  Or even better, if you have the basic pieces in your own closet, you can create your own similar outfit.

My hope for this blog is to give you ideas to use with the clothes you already own.  The biggest compliment I receive is when someone tells me they put together an outfit  from their closet because of something I had on here.

Macy’s Open Front Blazer

Nordstrom Collar Blazer

Dress Barn Knit Blazer

Saks Green Wrap Blouse

Dillards Knit Top

Maurice’s Sleeveless Top

i.n.c. Macy’s (clearance under $70)

Look in your closet, find your basics and mix it up! You’ll be surprised  at what you can create. 

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