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Oh, this hair of mine.  It’s too wavy to be straight and too straight to be curly.  It’s like it can never make up its mind! Just ask my hairdresser, Judy.  It’s fine and thin and has never been my crowning glory.

The Maple Holistic Company must have known this when they reached out to me. They asked me to try their conditioner (post here). A months ago, they reached out again and wanted to send me their shampoo to try and review. As a bonus, I received the lip balm in the picture below.

Maple Holistics

I’ve been using the conditioner for about six months now.  It has a vanilla scent (which put me off a little because I was afraid it would be strong and overwhelming).  I was wrong.  It’s subtle and pleasant.

The shampoo is apple and vinegar scented (once again, I was hesitant but again pleasantly surprised). These people know their scents!

I have only one complaint about the lip balm they sent. I’m very prone to fever blisters caused by the sun so I need the spf. Having said this, I love the taste and smoothness of the balm.  I just use it indoors and not in the sunshine! They do carry lip products with spf.  See them here.

I’m enjoying the shampoo as much as the conditioner.  The shine is what I’ve noticed the most.  My hair has never had a natural sheen so I’m thrilled with the improvement. This company uses natural ingredients and is cruelty free.

Their products are sold through their website or on Amazon. Take a look at their many products and if you decide to try any, please send me feedback.  I would love to hear how their products perform for you!

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