Moto Jacket with Rich Colored Blouse

Make sure you check out tomorrow’s blog. In addition to another closet re-style, I will be updating the rapid growth of my “Diane Amaryllis” (that isn’t a technical name, but it’s the name of the person who gifted the bulb to me).

Now ladies, on to the clothes.  The fact that these pieces are versatile makes it easy to create different outfits with them.  Last time, I wore the jacket with a red skirt and I styled the top with jeans and heels. Pics at the bottom of the post.

I really like this Vince Camuto top but it is thin and certainly needs an outer layer this time of year.  The Michael Kors jacket isn’t thick either but the day I took these it was almost 70 degrees.  It would be fine for indoors though.

Distressed  jeans (even though they are very light and cropped) work well with the tops because of the contrast.

Sunglasses are still needed in the winter! Don’t forget to keep them in your car to protect your eyes even during frigid temps.  Mine are Tory Burch that I bought on sale from Overstock at the end of the summer.

Tory Burch from Overstock


The outfit today is super casual compared to the ones styled before. Don’t forget to take pieces you wear to work or church and downplay them for weekend wear.  Sometimes we get it in our heads that a piece can only be worn one way or with one other item.

Guess at Macy’s





Black Jacket/Red Skirt

Choker Blouse/Dark Denim

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