How to Add Yellow To Your Winter Wardrobe

Full disclosure.  This is how I pack.  Do any of you find it easier to lay out complete outfits first?  I need to physically “see”  the outfit put together and then pack the pieces.

Headed to the hills of Georgia on a girls’ trip.  It’s supposed to be cold (high of 43 degrees!) so not sure how much time we (I) will spend outside.  I’m more of a “stay by the fire” kinda girl.

Inside or out, hoping to snag some great pics to share.

I have just recently begun wearing yellows and mustards.  Certain shades I feel I can wear and I love the color so much.  If you feel a sweater or top is too much yellow for you, you can incorporate a nice scarf or floral print.




        Wonderly (exact)

    Macy’s (on sale)


I’ve had this Banana Republic wool skirt for quite awhile.  I used to wear it with a nice wool blend chocolate turtleneck sweater.  One winter when I pulled it out to wear, I found small round holes in it and realized it was eaten by moths!!! It was stored in a closet with an outside wall.  I never saw the moths but it was evident that was what happened. I guess the little insect was just thrilled it found a natural fiber in my closet instead of manmade.  Anyway, I had to throw the sweater away and I placed moth balls in the closet.  Still makes me a little sad (sigh).

Banana Republic

   Banana Republic

 Frye $89

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